23 April, 2017

6 ways a CRO can supercharge your PPP's time to market

By Gary Dean

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The growing demand for safer, innovative plant protection products (PPP) makes bringing new products to market increasingly hard. Everything is changing, from buyer preferences through to weather components. Regulations are now wider and more stringent and farming practices continue to evolve rapidly. In addition, even existing active substances are always under scrutiny and potential review.

Field of wheat in late summerAt the same time, the commercial environment is growing more and more competitive. Lose any time at all, and your competitors will have a significant advantage. As a result, accelerating the time to market for innovative and new active substance biologicals and PPPs is more important than ever. An experienced contract research organization (CRO) can help you to do this.

A good CRO will help you navigate through all your relevant international regulatory requirements and approval processes. Working best as your development services partner, a CRO will give you wide-ranging and specialist support. In short, the right CRO will find ways to supercharge your PPP’s time to market.

A CRO can offer you true value
You can use global crop protection CROs to strengthen your own capabilities, and fill in any gaps or resource constraints you have. CROs offer you valuable best practice benefits, gained from the many programs they run with other agrochemical companies. CROs can help with all or some of your entire crop protection and regulatory submission process. Whatever your project size, they have the experience, expertise and resources you need to succeed. This includes:

  • Accessing resources, expertise and relationships
  • Applying the latest state-of-the-art science and equipment
  • Designing and running effective development programs
  • Making sure you comply with regulatory requirements
  • Navigating your crop protection development process

Offer different levels of outsourcing
There are numerous companies in the crop protection business, all with different challenges and ambitions. Some require a robust, comprehensive development outsourcing program. Others need help with only certain portions of their program.

For instance, innovators and proprietary manufacturers typically outsource 60-100 percent of their work to CROs. With generics, on the other hand, that figure is typically 10-40 percent. Whatever your needs, your CRO should be able to support them.

Give you in-depth knowledge and experience
A good CRO will always gain an in-depth understanding of your business. Then they’ll take the time, effort and resources to allocate their teams and resources in the most effective way for you.

Access to crop protection specialists
Straight away, hiring a crop protection CRO will broaden your team’s skills and experience base. This is because CROs always have many scientists and other specialists they can call upon for you. Often CRO employees come from leading multinationals, generics manufacturers, and regulatory bodies.

That’s not forgetting other CROs, academia and other scientific institutes. When it comes to getting your new PPPs to market quickly and smoothly, their knowledge and experience is invaluable.

An insight to exclusive benefits
There are other significant benefits that only a CRO can offer you. For example, they might have their regulatory consultancy team sitting in one of their large testing facilities. They are also likely to have global footprint and regional expertise in certain areas where regulatory requirements are different.

Successfully navigating the crop protection development process
When it comes to getting your product to market, time is money. With your competition snapping at your heels, you need to gain regulatory approval ASAP. A good CRO has a laser-like focus on shortening your time to market and their services span the crop protection development process. Examples include:

  • Engaging regulators to gain approvals
  • Faster, more cost-effective development
  • Helping design and run effective programs
  • Minimizing risk through development

Everywhere you go, crop protection businesses face an ever-changing commercial and regulatory landscape. But with a good CRO in place, you can supercharge your time-to-market. 

To learn more about the true value of a crop protection CRO, download this informative e-book.

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About the author

Gary started his career at Envigo in 1985 and is currently the Business Lead Consultant for Crop Protection. As business lead, Gary provides regulatory advice to Envigo’s customers to ensure their programs of work and applications for active substance approval or product registration meet the highest possible scientific and regulatory standards set by global authorities.

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