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05 November, 2018

5 highlights from the Annual Biologics Symposium 2018

By Rob Evans

Recently we hosted The Eighth Annual Biologics Symposium (ABS) in London where industry thought leaders discussed the development of some of the most successful, and soon to be successful, biological drugs on the market. The event was held at the state-of-the-art IET London: Savoy place, seeped in cutting edge event technology - an inspiring venue where scientists could share their ideas, network, and explore practical ways to advance their drug development goals.

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01 August, 2018

6 challenges to overcome in preclinical drug development

By Freddie Campbell

Panel-and-speakers at Modern Drug Development RoadshowBringing a drug from discovery to market is an expensive and time-consuming business. Every drug that fails comes with a cost which could be both reputational and financial. Keeping your development program on track is therefore critical to success.

We recently held a roadshow in Cambridge and London, UK, to discuss the challenges in designing and executing a non-clinical development program, as part of the preclinical phase, as well as how to effectively overcome these challenges. At 'Modern Drug Development - keeping your non-clinical program on track', delegates heard from:

- Dr. Robert Turcan, Head of Regulatory Affairs and Program Management, Envigo, on: "Drug Development - expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised!", which focused on the development of small molecules

- Dr. Kirsty Harper, Head of Biologics, Envigo, on: "Identifying, addressing and smoothing the bumps in the road to successful non-clinical development", relating to the development of biologics.

There was also a panel of experts who co-presented and answered questions from delegates.

In this post, you'll discover the six main take home messages from the roadshow.

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04 June, 2018

5 things we learned about biological product development at ABS 2018

By Freddie Campbell

We recently hosted The Eighth Annual Biologics Symposium (ABS) in New Jersey, where experts shared groundbreaking advancements in biotherapeutics over the last year. It was great to have a dedicated forum where scientists could share ideas and explore practical ways to progress their drug development goals.

The symposium highlighted areas such as immunological assessment, species selection, drug delivery, efficacy and safety and clinical aspects. Here are five things we learned about biological product development at ABS 2018.

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06 March, 2018

10 scientific research trends in biological product development

By Freddie Campbell

Biological product developmentIn 2016, one third of all new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals were classed as a new biological entity. In the same year, European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorized 27 new active substances with 12 (44%) being a biopharmaceutical.

Undoubtedly, one of the key growth areas in pharmaceutical research is in the study of biologics, designed to meet unmet clinical needs. In fact, according to EvaluatePharma, biologics are set to contribute 52% of the top 100 product sales by 2022. 

Here we look at the contributing factors of growth and speak to industry expert, Dr Kirsty Harper who explains her work in biological product development and bringing the wider scientific community together.

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