Biomarker development blog posts

11 September, 2017

Why are biomarkers for non-clinical infusion reactions so critical?

By Kirsten Mease

It’s no secret that biomarkers for non-clinical infusion reactions (IRs) have become an important aspect of biotherapeutic development research. But why exactly is this topic so vital? And what are some of the main challenges it offers scientists?

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23 June, 2017

Road to Bio: staying the course with a credible partner

By James Smith

It’s that time of the year again when more than 3,500 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations gather for the BIO International Convention. Nice Insights have invested in one of the world’s fastest vehicles as their mode of transportation to the event in San Diego, CA and have undertaken a 12 day, coast-to-coast road trip – The Road to Bio – mirroring the journey to launching a drug and emphasizing the key component of speed-to-market. Along the way, Nice Insights met with Envigo's very own Joseph Bedford, Ph.D., Corporate Vice President of Strategic Marketing, to discuss Envigo's consultative approach to helping customers reach their development milestones.

Watch the full interview here!

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23 April, 2017

Large molecule people and small molecule people become one

By Robert MacNeill

A lot of rhetoric can be heard in the scientific community with what seems like confused reference to the two analytical areas typically engaged in quantitative bioanalysis: small molecule bioanalysis and large molecule bioanalysis. The following entry provides clarification on how all groups performing analysis of small and large molecules with different techniques are essentially one collaborative unit and how the culture of quality, as well as the communicative interaction with CRO and the customer are all key factors in the bioanalytical process.

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