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16 May, 2018

3 reasons why Wistar Han® could be the perfect model for your study

By Mandy Horn

The selection of your animal model for toxicity and carcinogenicity testing plays an essential role in the accuracy of your study findings. Our researchers recently completed a two-year study of 130 male and 130 female Envigo RccHan®:WIST (Wistar Han®) rats and compared them to other outbred rats (e.g., Sprague-Dawley®, Fischer 344). Here, we share the results of the study.

The results provided insights on how Wistar Han provided numerous advantages, such as smaller body size, higher rates of survival and lower tumor/lesion incidence, as compared to CRL:CD®(SD) (CD) rat models that were the subjects of a previous two-year study.

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