immunodeficient research models blog posts

09 March, 2020

Care and husbandry for immunodeficient rodents: guidance to reduce risks in your research

By Jamie Naden

Immunodeficient rodents can serve as a valuable part of basic research studies to help researchers better understand immune-related diseases and immune response. Use of these unique models have driven medical advances in the development of chemotherapies, immunotherapies, biologics and CAR T-cell therapies and even contributed to imaging techniques and personalized medicines.

While these rodent models can be very powerful in research, they understandably require very special care to maintain their health status and reduce the risk of pathogens and infections that can derail research results.

This blog discusses how immunodeficient rodents can be bred and housed along with the considerations for bedding, enrichment, packing and shipping to ensure that these rodents have the care they require to remain healthy throughout their lives.  

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09 April, 2018

How can cryopreservation safeguard vulnerable model strains?

By Envigo

You’ve spent years building the ideal colony for your study – and have invested even more resources into maintaining it for future usage. Imagine that after investing time and money developing and maintaining your colony, it could become redundant due to a natural disaster, microbial contamination, or facility failure. And, given the increased use of immunodeficient models and sensitive microbiota research projects, along with the cost and complexity of model breeding, cryopreservation should be woven into the fabric of each and every research project.

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