Product registration blog posts

17 December, 2018

How to optimize biocidal product regulation in 7 steps

By David Arrowsmith

Before a biocidal product can be authorized, you need to ensure that the active substance within the biocidal product has been approved for use under the BPR. Once an active substance is approved, you have approximately two years in which to authorize biocidal products containing that active substance. If your product has more than one active substance, the date of approval of the last active substance sets the 24-month count down.

There are many time-consuming activities when meeting the requirements of the BPR, and different authorization approaches which makes long-term planning essential.

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17 October, 2018

The role of the professional beekeeper in regulatory studies

By Matt Allan

A good regulatory study on bees demands an interesting combination of skills and experience, particularly in the higher tiers. Understand the key role of the professional beekeeper in regulatory studies by reading the latest blog in the series.

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