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10 July, 2017

Tools and trends in respiratory diseases

By Stephen Jordan

Scientists involved in biopharmaceutical and biomedical research seek to generate the highest quality data for their studies by employing an optimal combination of in vivo and ex vivo models. The 3Rs principle of replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of animals in research guides the scientific community and has helped drive innovation in tools for researchers. Today complex, three- dimensional models of a living, breathing human lung are being used for efficacy and safety assessment in combination with in vivo studies which enable translation of the science from bench to man. It’s an exciting time to be a researcher, with new technologies emerging that have the potential to change how we understand and treat disease.

In vivo models of disease states are evolving, with more robust and complex study designs allowing the gathering of data for multiplex, clinically relevant end points. This allows maximization of results gained from each animal experiment, thus helping to reduce the usage of animals.

Here we outline current tools and trends for respiratory diseases.

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