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20 August, 2018

5 reasons why the R2G2® mouse could help you achieve your oncology research milestones

By Jamie Naden

The R2G2® mouse has the potential to help you break new ground in investigational cancer therapies. In two recent studies, this model tolerated standard of care chemotherapy and estrogen supplementation well in terms of overall survival and changes in body weight. Here are five reasons why this mouse model could serve as an excellent host for your preclinical human tumor xenograft studies.

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30 May, 2018

Joining forces to drive breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer

By Freddie Campbell

Cancer continues to be one of the main areas of focus in drug development. Unmet patient needs and advances in the understanding of cancer biology is resulting in exciting development in cancer treatments. We recently partnered with the National Foundation for Cancer Research at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting where we explored groundbreaking advancements in cancer research and helped attendees recognize the power of their donations to build a healthier and safer world.

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06 March, 2018

10 scientific research trends in biological product development

By Freddie Campbell

Biological product developmentIn 2016, one third of all new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals were classed as a new biological entity. In the same year, European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorized 27 new active substances with 12 (44%) being a biopharmaceutical.

Undoubtedly, one of the key growth areas in pharmaceutical research is in the study of biologics, designed to meet unmet clinical needs. In fact, according to EvaluatePharma, biologics are set to contribute 52% of the top 100 product sales by 2022. 

Here we look at the contributing factors of growth and speak to industry expert, Dr Kirsty Harper who explains her work in biological product development and bringing the wider scientific community together.

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